Apr 28, 2023 | News

The Ukraine America Initiative (UA Initiative) and The Vovk Foundation Inc. have entered into a partnership agreement to pursue opportunities that would support the education, physical/emotional well being, and overall success of Ukrainian nationals displaced by russia’s unjustified aggression. Specific areas of focus include: workforce development, education & training, and entrepreneurship. According to Brian Gannon, President of UA Initiative, “The Vovk Foundation’s forward looking focus on reconstruction and support of the incredible human capital that is prevalent throughout Ukraine is very consistent with our focus and efforts.” “The UA Initiative has a long and incredibly successful legacy that has positively impacted the lives of thousands of Ukrainians and their families. We are excited to be in partnership with this organization,” states Yurij Wowczuk, a director of Vovk Foundation.

The UA Initiative focuses on providing humanitarian support at a grassroots level to Ukrainians in need and specifically those displaced by war. The organization has funded daycare centers for Ukrainian children, orphanages, language schools, housing projects, and refugee centers In Ukraine and Poland, and has provided more than 40,000 meals for Ukrainians in need.

The Vovk Foundation’s mission is to provide opportunities for students, entrepreneurs, and engineers/scientists to advance their work and studies in the face of the unjustified and savage invasion of Ukraine by russia.

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